Adapt, transform, grow and develop.

Helping Businesses Drive Change

At The Oriri Partnership we help businesses change.

We provide expertise on people, their operations and the environments that surround them. We help you adapt, transform and develop by working alongside you to bring about a better, more improved way of working. That improvement creates profitability, efficiency and sustainability.

We work with you in a flexible and open way to identify and understand exactly what’s required to take you to the next level. We then create and deliver the sort of transformative strategies that make an undisputable difference to the whole business.

At The Oriri Partnership we deliver real transformation and improved performance through people. In short, we help build better businesses.

An experienced leader in business operations, Lisa Wheatcroft has extensive expertise in driving change and transformation through people. Lisa most recently worked as Chief Operating Officer of a national business with 90 sites across the UK, with a turnover of circa £55m and 1,000 employees.

In addition, Lisa has held several senior roles at Heathrow Airport, including Head of Talent & Development, leading a five-year strategy to drive culture change within the organisation. Lisa’s background and experience led her to launch The Oriri Partnership, a business that creates and implements transformational strategies.

Strategic Business Planning

Creating people led strategies will always improve the culture of your business, its overall engagement and your employer value proposition leading to better performance and increased profitability.

Our experienced team can help guide you through to exactly where you want to be, whether that’s better revenue, increased profitability or overall commercial improvement. Better business performance and efficiency will always follow good, strategic planning.

Improved Business Performance

Every business owner wants to improve their business, whatever level they’re on, but it’s never as easy as that. One of the first questions that stakeholders need to ask is ‘what do they actually want?’

At the Oriri Partnership we specialise in working with businesses to help them improve and that process always starts with a conversation that helps define objectives and understand priorities.

Change Management

Change is always a tricky issue and especially so in a business environment. Employees, leaders and owners tend to have a certain way of working which they know, understand and like. What that means is that management of that change is a complicated process that needs careful consideration for the greater good of the team and the business itself.

At The Oriri Partnership our team is vastly experienced in all aspects of Change Management.

Recruitment & Talent Management

The Oriri Partnership believes that finding, recruiting and nurturing people is central to the success of any organisation. We make sure that all volume recruitment processes are managed smoothly and efficiently to meet whatever resourcing crisis you might have.

We’re hugely experienced in the field of large-scale, even if that’s hundreds of people at a time. We improve brand attraction and manage the recruitment process to maximise efficiency and increase the speed of hire.

Organisational Design & Development

At the Oriri Partnership we often see businesses that have all the right employees, with good skillsets to match but they’re just not working in the right way structurally. We help businesses define their organisation design to ensure they are fit for the future.

We deliver the sort of change that reduces risk and the impact on people, shifting everything towards a better, more efficient way of working.

Equality & Diversity

The workplace environment has changed for the better and businesses are reaping the rewards for that change. The emergence of equality and diversity has created a positive impact on the workforce and has opened up opportunities for positive recruitment, retention and development.

At The Oriri Partnership we believe that embracing equality, diversity and inclusion isn’t about ticking a box, it’s about creating a workforce that is harmonised and efficient.

Leadership Development

At The Oriri Partnership we specialise in working with current and future business leaders to help them develop the sort of skills that will help them become best leader they can be. We design and deliver learning and development initiatives that improve the capabilities of leaders.

The structure of our Leadership Development programs are flexible. We offer individual, one-to-one programs for leaders which tend to be highly focused and specific, while our group development programmes have the added advantage of a shared peer experience.

Supporting Start Ups

Business isn’t just about big business, the future always lies with entrepreneurs, business builders and start ups. They may be smaller but they’re often some of the most exciting businesses to be around and it’s why we here at

The Oriri Partnership love working with Start Ups. Our years of experience enables us to give advice and guidance to any sort of business and it’s never just about ‘’people and teams’, it’s invariably about a whole host of business related topics.

A Transformational Journey

At The Oriri Partnership we take pride in creating bespoke solutions to very specific issues, understanding that no two businesses are exactly the same.

However, there is consistency with the way we approach each project which is thorough, detailed and forensic. We always carry out a deep dive analysis of your business to understand exactly what you already have.

Once this has been matched to any additional specific requirements that you might have for the business, then that’s when we have a starting point.

With this in place, we can then work out exactly what your business needs are for now and the future.

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